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Dr. Reardon, Michael

Dr. Michael Reardon

Dr. Michael Reardon 2 Stark Ave,
DOVER, NH 03820
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Dr. Michael Reardon 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 Reviews
Practice Description
 Dr. Michael Reardon is a friendly dental office that provides complete general and preventative dentistry. Our goal is to make your visit as relaxing as possible in a caring atmosphere with genuine commitment to the finest quality in dentistry
Practice Highlights
  • - Comprehensive Dental Services.
  • - Convenient Appointment Times.
  • - Dental Insurance Accepted.
  • - Flexible Payment Options.
  • - Gentle Dentistry Focused!
  • - Low-Interest Patient Financing Available.
  • - Patient Education Focused.
  • - State-of-the-Art Facility.
PatientFYI Interview
How does your office help a patient understand their costs for Services, payment plan options, or use of their dental insurance?
We tell them what their estimated dental benefits & Out-Of-Pocket will be, we file their Dental Insurance claims for them and we present any Financing Plans that they can apply for through our Practice.
How do you educate your patients about the treatments they need and how to keep problems from reoccurring?
Our Doctors and/or Staff presents key information & demonstrations and we present our Patients with handouts (pamphlets, etc.) for them to take home.
What do you do when there are multiple treatment options available for a patient's dental condition?
We present our Patients every possible treatment approach and then work with them to determine the Treatment Plan that best meets their individual needs.
What labs do you use for your restoration services (e.g. Crowns & Bridges) and do you provide patients with a choice of labs?
We utilize Local and U.S.-based Labs that meet our high standards for Patient Care.
What kind of sedation & comfort techniques do you utilize?
We utilize a variety of techniques that maximize our Patients comfort.
Do you treat children and, if so, how do you help them feel comfortable?
What is your Appointment Cancellation Policy?
24 Hours Notice Please.
Medical Education
 The University of Dentistry
Patient Examples
Teeth Whitening Available Here!
A New Smile Quickly & Affordably!

In the today’s world of cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening reigns supreme. Universally valued by men and women alike, whitening (or bleaching) treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament.

Veneers Available Here!
Before Veneers
After Veneers

Patients have several main reasons for choosing veneers. One of the most common reasons a patient gets veneers is that the front teeth have become worn, chipped, or broken. Veneers hide the imperfections without having to place crowns on otherwise stable teeth. For many adults, misaligned teeth or gaps between teeth make their smile less presentable than they want. For these patients, veneers provide an easier alternative to the lengthy process of correcting the teeth with braces.

Implants Available Here!
Before Implants
After Implants

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root, surgically placed in the bone, that serves as the foundation for either a permanent or removable replacement tooth. Implants function the same as normal teeth and offer significant advantages over removable dentures. Implants, compared to dentures or bridges, are more comfortable, easier to speak with, and better for overall oral health. Prospective patients for implants must be healthy enough to undergo the procedure, have enough bone and gum structure to hold the implant, and be dedicated to maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dentist appointments.

Practice Staff

Our Staff

Our highly skilled and caring team of professionals is dedicated to making your visit pleasant and comfortable. They are committed to focusing on your personal needs and to facilitating a smooth and gentle dental experience. They are at your service to assist you with everything from finding convenient appointments, to answering all of your questions, to filing insurance forms, to making affordable financial arrangements. They really help to make your dental care as easy as possible.

8:00AM - 5:00PM
8:00AM - 5:00PM
8:00AM - 5:00PM
8:00AM - 5:00PM