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Dr. Steven Davis

STEVEN H DAVIS, DDS, PA 2810 Wakefield Pines Drive,
Suite 100
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There billing staff will get you to pay upfront and never mention that your Dental insurance won't cover the procedure, they will submit to your health insurance as a courtesy but at the same time they won’t let you know that there not part of your health care providers network. The office will not return calls in regards to billing and they will make up lies that they told the procedure won’t be covered after the fact. They are unwilling to work with their patients to rectify issues. Dr Stevens also may tell you it doesn’t matter if they are in your health care providers network and that the procedures will be covered and your insurance company will reimburse you at a later date. Again another lie to get your hard earned money. Why would someone in their right mind have a procedure done when they have insurance to cover the expense??? This place is a racket to get your money as they have you pay everything up front and misinform their patients about insurance coverage. They will also mention that they told you and they have a note of it… Anyone can write a note but never actually inform the patient. I should have checked with my insurance providers first but at the same time I thought Doctors and their staff were being honest. So much for the Doctor and his staff having looking out for your pockets they are just greedy and run a nice scam.
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