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One of the most prevalent procedures carried out by a dentist is the root canal. It, however, has also received infamy as being the most feared dental procedure. Pop culture and anecdotal history have influenced many people's decisions as far as this procedure is concerned. Moreover, most people tend to opt for a tooth extraction rather than a root canal based on the perceived pain that accompanies the latter procedure. However, here are a few myth-busters to help you make more informed decisions.

The first myth associated with root canals is that the procedure is painful. This is not true, at least as far as modern dental practices are concerned. Due to the fact that older methods of doing this were indeed painful, the idea that it is has overshadowed the reality. Another aspect that tends to make people think it is painful is because of the pain that is already there before the intervention. Conditions requiring root canals tend to be very painful.

Another myth about root canals is that they are always performed after the pain becomes unbearable. This is not the case. A root canal is not always prescribed for painful teeth. The dentist may carry out an examination and recommend that a root canal procedure be performed. This tends to be the case when the dentist discovers some hidden condition that will escalate into an emergency later.

Many people tend to think that getting a root canal is the beginning of endless visits to the dentist. This is why many opt to have their teeth extracted instead. This, however, is another myth. Root canal procedures are highly effective and the benefits tend to last for long. However, follow up procedures such as having a crown installation are necessary in order to maximize on the gains accrued from the procedure.



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