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PatientFYI is transforming the way Patients find Doctors...and the way Doctors, in turn, build enduring relationships with patients.

This page highlights a few of the many ways that people are looking to, and talking about, our ability to improve America's healthcare system by utilizing the web to empower both Patients and Doctors with the information needed to make better healthcare decisions.



07/01/09 PatientFYI Introduces "Award of Excellence" to honor Dentists Prized by their Patients
PatientFYI announced creation of the PatientFYI Award of Excellence which will recognize dentists whose patients have identified them as providing excellent services within the areas of Treatment Results, Practice Capabilities and Patient Communications. ... [more]
06/20/09 PatientFYI Launches Patient-Dentist "eMatch" Service
PatientFYI has launched its proprietary Patient-Dentist eMatch functionality so that the patients can easily narrow down the search results and identify the best dentists that offer the specific services they want. The sophisticated algorithm draws from a variety of sources including PatientFYI research, information the dentist has provided, and data sources from product vendors, and service vendors. The information is regularly updated from the data sources.